What is Dry Hair Pre-Shampoo Treatment?

//What is Dry Hair Pre-Shampoo Treatment?

What is Dry Hair Pre-Shampoo Treatment?

Dry Hair Pre-Shampoo Treatment: adds elasticity, repair damage and blocks frizz!

Good Maker’s Deep Repair Reviving Conditioner protects fragile ends from shampoo and chemical services by treating them with a deep conditioner before shampoo. Keep hair smooth and detangled to prevent additional damage to the ends. like a lack of shine, flakiness, irritation and even oily roots, or helping with colour preservation. smoothing and adding elasticity, leaving your hair incredibly shiny and youthful. The Wheat Amino Acids and Honey Extract penetrates hair follicles and repairs damaged split ends and loss of protein. The Camellia Japonica Seed Oil is rich with vitamin E which promotes hair matrix cell growth. Gives hair nutrients and makes hair stronger.

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